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Various Uses of CBD Products

CBD for Skincare

CBD skin careDerived from cannabis plants, accurately named cannabidiol or CBD is extracted alongside THC but carries low traces of the actual substance. CBD has been noted for its effect on the human body, specifically in how it activates receptors in skin cells that relieve pain and swelling from irritants. Researchers see better results from the extract than hemp oil, which predominantly cools and hydrates, as the cannabidiol more actively tamps down sebaceous glands responsible for acne. Part of this has to do with the natural cannabinoid system already present in the human body. Certain receivers activate in the presence of CBD products to stimulate skins cells and reconstruct damaged cells to make skin appear more youthful. This effect differs among skin types, so consulting with epidemiologists beforehand to find the right blend of CBD and Hemp based products to get the full effect.

CBD oil productsCurrently, there is a wide range of products to choose from containing varying levels of hemp and CBD included in their makeup. Such care items as clarifying activated charcoal hemp soap and relaxing facial scrubs are available in relaxing lathers and aromas. A great example of this is Pink Himalayan Salt Oil Soap. The fatty omega 3’s in CBD mix well with natural botanicals to create sweet-smelling soaps and bath oils that hold skin clarifying properties on their own or can be mixed with a more concentrated oil to relieve pain for full-body aches and skin irritant relief in the form of a patchouli sandalwood scrub. Amounts of cannabidiol vary by milligram, so you can find the perfect ratio for your skin type or tolerance.

CBD Relief for Stress

CBD products against stressWhile the benefits shown in CBD and hemp for skin are numerous and well noted, there have been studies showing additional effects cannabis-derived oils have on people’s psychological state. The most direct benefits for people diagnosed with epilepsy and sclerosis are managing their fits and seizures when most prescribed medication showed no effect. For the symptoms involving muscle spasms, high anxiety, and fits or seizures, the neurological endocannabinoid receptors in the brain picked up on the cannabinoid from oils to release signals to the body to relax and improve healing through de-inflammation. Studies conducted on multiple patients were done with observed results showing that most participants had less pain and symptoms when on moderate levels of CBD. Though the consensus of most medical professionals remains open, many agree there is a positive use of cannabis oil in treating stress and spasm-related conditions.


There is a wide range of hemp and CBD oil-derived products for health and wellness in today’s market, but they have more to do with stimulating calm and relieving stress than being a source of recreational psychoactive use. Currently, the use of products like naturally made soaps and fragrances containing CBD is not viewed by any medical board as harmful or addictive. Many hemp products in stores contain little to no THC to be of any concern and boast a full range of anti-aging effects that do little to affect the user’s state of mind other than offer therapeutic sensual relief and a good clean feeling after use.

Enjoying a bath in lilac and lavender-infused hemp suds is a perfect relaxation solution that you can enjoy without worry or stress and come out looking more revitalized with the benefit of omegas and vitamins in a convenient little block of soap. Look to a local vendor for a selection of Hemp and CBD products and get that relaxing patchouli sandalwood scrub for your next night in for some very wonderful personal time.