Now at this point, there should be some clarification between hemp-derived and cannabis derivatives products. Hemp seed oil is exactly what it sounds like, harvest from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plan, a similar species to the cannabis plant but without producing high levels of THC, the psychoactive amino acid more commonly associated with marijuana and CBD.

The hemp plant grows widely and is legal in all states. While the oil holds no active agents to counter anxiety or other psychosis-based conditions, it is a stockpile of fatty omega 3’s and antioxidants which make it excellent as a health supplement. Containing vitamins B and D, the oil harvested from hemp plants have been used for the treatment of vitamin deficiency-related conditions such as poor skin health, low immune systems, and even some cancer treatments as the number of nutrients helps support compromised immunities.

Marijuana leaves CBDCBD is found in the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant and is more directly linked to the effects associated with psychoactive stimulate, but it should not be thought of as a purely psychoactive drug for the simple fact it’s not always so. A person may buy CBD isolate, which contains little to no THC and still hold therapeutics benefits. The level of THC in the oil determines its effect on the receptors in the human body, their endocannabinoid system that links to serotonin activity and pain responses. CBD by itself boasts such benefits as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and in small doses, a medicinal prescription. Its active makeup has been shown to stimulate pain regulators to relieve aches and pains, with some prescribers looking to treat epilepsy with controlled dosages of varying THC content.

Hemp or CBD?

Whether you choose hemp or CBD products is a personal preference, but know what you are buying may have more of an effect on your body as everyone has their own unique tolerance to THC and CBD by itself. If looking for a simple daily supplement for a health boost, hemp oil in soaps and even food boasts plenty of benefits for the body and state of mind. If in need of more of a stimulus for more clinical pain, then a broad-spectrum CBD can be looked at with some consulting for how much THC should be active in its application. To get more information, talk with companies and health professionals about what you want to treat and get a better idea of your best options.